Saturday, June 27, 2009

All of my collections

I had the camera up and lights on, so I figured I would get some shots of representatives of all of my major finished and WIP collections of miniatures!

First up, my 25mm figures. From left to right...

My 25mm Napoleonic Russians
My 25mm Napoleonic French
My 25mm American Civil War Federals
My 25mm Napoleonic Austrians

Second, my 15mm figures. From left to right...

My 15mm ACW Federals
My 15mm WWII Germans
My 15mm ACW Confederates

Lastly, my 10mm figures. From left to right...

My 10mm Napoleonic French
My 10mm Napoleonic Saxons and Poles
My 10mm Napoleonic British

The 10mm Saxons and Poles have not yet been showcased, and a few collections (25mm WWII Germans, Lord of the Rings) are not really of the same "infantry" type as these, so for now, these are a fair representation of what I have!

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BigLee said...

Good photos. I'm just a little bit jealous.