Sunday, June 21, 2009

10mm Nap. French - Hussars 1

Since the entire front page of The House of War had become stuff OTHER than 10mm Napoleonics, I thought I would get a few 10mm unit spotlights up while I wait to post the last few rounds of the Battle of Aroldo Valley!

This is a unit of French hussars. These dashing fellows were among the lightest of the French cavalry. While they did not have the hitting power of the Cuirassiers or the scary lances of the ever-so-appropriately-named Lancers, they were very fast and perfect for harassing enemies and protecting retreats. Their snappy pelisses and gaudy red uniforms certainly make them stick out a bit.

I have about four units of hussars, all in different uniforms... as I get into the 10mm Napoleonic collections a bit I'll put up a few more units of them!

Figures courtesy of Minifig, I think... feel free to correct me!

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