Saturday, June 27, 2009

25mm Nap. Austrians - Infantry 2

Well, I finally finished my second unit of 25mm Napoleonic Austrians; in this case, namely the 34th Infantry. They have red cuffs and collars for identification. This unit is made up of Hungarian troops, so they differ from my Germans a bit, as they have the blue pants and shakos. However, they all look good together thanks to all of that white!

These guys were shaded with Army Painter Quick Shade (Light) and it does
add a pleasant shadow to the white, which can be a very difficult color to shade and highlight, but which is all-important to an Austrian army!

Below you can see the command stands. I particularly like the commander, as his pose feels both heroic and also somewhat practical. I do have a question... I have played around a bit with the settings; which pictures look better to all of you... left, or right?

Anyway, it was fun to get some more 25mm Napoleonics done... now, back to the 25mm ACW figures!

Miniatures courtesy of Sash and Saber!


BigLee said...

Very nice. These look great.

Author said...

Thanks for the kind words! The Austrians take a bit more time than the ACW Federals for sure, but at least they are easy to shade, thanks to the dip:)

Anyway, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!:D

Anonymous said...

great picture. I liked it.
wow gold

Docsmith said...

Nice looking Austrians (OK - Hungarians!) and those flags are really good - a fantastic animated look to them - just like painted silk rippling in the wind. Well done.
Just posted a few of my own if you want to check them out: