Sunday, June 21, 2009

10mm Nap. British - Artillery 2

Well if the French get some troops, so do the British!

This is my second type of British artillery; namely, the lighter guns. These guys are more mobile than the big guns but don't have quite the range. Still, they are very useful, and their cannister can be a great boon up close.

As with any artillery they need some limbers to tote them around. In my own rules the light guns can unlimber and fire in the same turn, which is their advantage over the heavy guns. However their range is more limited than the big guns. Still, it is great fun to have a battery of these things swing up into the line and open fire directly!

Figures courtesy of Minifig.


FallenStar said...

How do you like Minifigs 10mm figures? I've been interested in getting some Napoleonic and ACW figs from them but thought I'd ask a veteran's opinion.

Author said...

I love the figures! They have a very nice bulk to them, have great poses and proportions... overall I really like them. I have never seen other 10mms though, so I don't know how they compare... anyone out there have any comparison info?

Anonymous said...

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