Sunday, August 17, 2008

The latest additions to the Wargames Room

Hey all!

Yeah, it has been SLOW around the House of War recently! Between a week and change in Seattle, a week and change at the North Carolina beach, and general hanging around, it has been SLOW. However, I have a few things to post, and will soon have a pair of finished units as well. For now, lets get on with it!

The parents recently returned from their annual trip to Paris, and as always my father came back prepared! This time he came back with two wonderful tidbits.

The first is this fantastic book of French Napoleonic uniforms. It is a real bear of a book, with some GREAT plates, and very, very detailed. Yes, it is all in French, but for the most part it is pretty clear.

The other addition is now hanging in the room; it is an 1805 print of French cavalry uniforms. It is a real good looking piece, and looks sharp right below my other French uniform print!

Always nice to add to the room; still need to hang that ACW pack tho, but I have not found something to put it in yet.


JAM said...


Your web site is great, and I have just started trying to emulate it with a site on the Battle of Fuentes de OƱoro.

I had one question about your layout that I would like to ask, I wonder if you could email me directly.


Author said...

I am afraid I cannot seem to find your email addy:) Please email me at grenadierguardscampaigns at yahoo dot com with your question and I would be happy to help, if I can.

Brad said...

Extremely jealous of your great looking war-room and gaming board setup - that a sand table? Looks fantastic! Word on your Austrian infantry - they look good, that dip gives some nice shading thats hard to replicate evenly otherwise. Only criticism is the metal on the helmet - it looks too much like copper. Use a strong or dark gold and a flesh wash (or maybe the dip?) to get the true brass effect. Really impressed with your site - lots of interesting stuff on it. I have been tinkering with my own in my spare time - just a home page but maybe one day... anyway I use it to showcase my own collection. Have a look and leave a comment or pass it on to others if you like.

Again, congratulations on the great blogsite.


Brad said...

Just checked out your games room - I like your table design - did you design/build it yourself? VERY nice job. I realize its not a sand table now - did you get the felt idea off the one on the Kapiti Fusiliers site? (Its a great idea!) You wouldn't have any plans or diagrams of that gaming table by any chance? Its just such a great design - love the shelving under as well. Nice display cabinets too - I agree you've got to have 'em! I got one that was like an Aussie version of an Ikea for a few hundred. Big mistake - should have got two!! I found an equivalent recently with nearly $800 on it - clearly with wealthy lawyer clients in mind! My ambition is to put together a 'civilized' war-room together, yours is inspirational! Now to just convince She Who Must Be Obeyed that we have to sell one of the kids and clear out the old dining room...

Author said...


Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind comments!

Yeah, the helmets aren't perfect in this shot; I ended up giving them a brown wash and then re-highlighting... I think they look okay now... I hope:)

Thanks for the kind comments re: the table and room. I too was looking for a "civilized" wargames room, as you say... not messy shelves of boxes or cheesy posters please!:)

The table I just sort of invented... It is indeed a felt covered table, which I picked up just from going to Fall In. I had drawn up rough plans for a year before we bought the house, because I was planning on making a wargames room, but I don't have any real plans, per se. It was basically just those four ikea shelves with wheels screwed to the bottom. I then built a frame around the outside of the shelves using 1x4s, and then dropped a piece of plywood inside the frame and screwed that down. I then built an inner frame of 1x4s, and then dropped in foam that fit INSIDE the inner frame. That's it! I did end up getting moulding to cover the gaps, but you don't need to.

I enjoyed your website; can't wait to see what comes next! Always fun to watch a page expand and develop:)

The cabinets you mean; are they the barristers bookshelves? Good stuff, but as you said, definately for lawyers;)

Always gotta keep the boss happy! Keep working on her tho, she'll cave eventually... until she wants the room for babies *grrrrr*

Thanks for stopping by!:)