Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, on the demands of a reader, I am putting up another food post.

This time it is a two-fer. First up (above) are some delicious lamb chops. Thrown into a plastic bag with a good glop of coarse french mustard, rosmary, thyme, and garlic, these guys sat for a day and a half in the fridge and then went onto the grill. Delicious; mustard and lamb are among the best combos in food.

Next up are my ribs... or at least, what was left of them when I was done eating; this is an "after" shot. These guys were boiled in Coke for 30 minutes before cooking. Light basting of Jack Daniels Brown Sugar BBQ sauce and onto the grill. With each five minute flip, another light basting of sauce on both sides... however, each side gets five minutes without a new basting at the end just so they aren't too messy. Fall off the bone delicious.

Stay tuned; maybe some breakfasts next?

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