Wednesday, August 27, 2008

15mm WWII - German Grenadier Platoon 1

Well, the 15mm American Civil War Confederate army inspection has been completed... on to my 15mm WWII Germans!

I have a small WWII German Flames of War collection. As with a few of my older collections, this one was made basically as an OPFOR for my friend's Flames of War Americans, all of which came into being over multiple watches of Band of Brothers.

My buddy has a sizeable American force, and so I created a small German force to defend against it.

"Defence" is the operating principle of my German force. I did a bunch of work with green stuff and the like to create a force that has the common theme running throughout it of being somewhat entrenched and prepared to defend. Barbed wire has been strung, sandbags and crates have been stacked for cover, machine guns and rifles poked past them. The force isn't totally FoW ready; I believe I have a few too many 88s, but how do you resist such cool minis?

The first unit up for inspection is not a command unit, as I traditionally do on these things, but instead a unit of late
war German Grenadiers. These guys carry the newly-deployed StG44 submachine gun and panzerfausts, as well as some MG42s... a LOT of firepower with these guys! As mentioned above, they are heavily dug in; the most built up stand involves a large crate, a pallet, and a sandbag emplacement... these guys look great tucked in between a building!

Next up; my force commanders, and then maybe... a Tiger?

My entire 15mm WWII collection is courtest of Battlefront!


Braxen said...

very nice stands. I was wondering what is the material you use for the grass. It looks perfect for this scale. Do you have a reference to share?

Author said...


The grass is just Games Workshop stuff... nothing special:) However, it seems to work just fine:)

Thanks for stopping in!