Saturday, August 23, 2008

15mm ACW - Confederate Infantry 4

Finally, back to 15mm ACW!

Here is another unit of regular infantry. These southern boys are recent arrivals to the front, compared to my
others. You can tell by how uniform they look; they've barely had time for their gear to fall apart yet and require replacement by anything that is at hand! In fact, I've only done a couple of non-gray pants and shirts, and only a single non-kepi among them. They've taken fewer casualties, also, than some other units as they are so new, although I think they DO have the only two-casualty stand in my Confederate collection at the moment.

The officer is a modest conversion; a head swap. While I love Battle Honors, they DO need more officers! This fellow is waving his boys forward, crouching a bit as me moves into incoming fire. I do wish that someone would do a line of figures where all of the guys are crouching a bit; men tend to do that when marching in the face of fire I think.

All figures courtesy of Battle Honors.


Gunfreak said...

damn your 15mm looks better then my 28s

Author said...

*laugh* Dude, I have like... 25 years of practice:) Trust me, your 28s look ohhhhh ABOUT A BILLION TIMES BETTER than anything I painted in the first 10 years of painting toy soldiers.

Part of it is also that the 15s can actually be a bit simpler to paint. A base coat, a pretty deliberate highlight, and BAM, good to go.