Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Workbench - more army-painted Austrians

Howdy all!

Well... while I should be working on my unfinished Russian grenadiers, for the life of me I can't get started; I just want to paint and dip Austrians!

So... I figured I would indulge. Here is another Austrian painted in REAL basic colors and then dipped. Belts were redone in white after the dip, and the eyes were done post-dip as well.

Total paint time was approx. 26 minutes, give or take. Understand also that it took a bit longer than usual because A) I had to open each paint instead of batch painting and B) I haven't painted a German Austrian before, so it took a while to do everything.

As usual, on the left is the pre-dip, and on the right is the post-dip.

Also, I thought I would end it with a shot of my two finished Austrians (here is the first guy) together. An army of these guys will look SHARP.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

..they look brilliant... perhaps a touch up to the bayonet to finish off (???), but they look like they're ready to march a 100 miles and *then* fight a battle - very nice!

Iannick said...

Good job, I hope to see units soon! Nice to see someone else doing the whitecoats.
Those Sash & Saber are very nice figs.

One small commentary if I may; the bayonet strap should be in white leather.

Author said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Iannick, can I ask... what do you mean by bayonet strap? Do you mean the strap on the musket? Or the belt that holds the scabbard for the bayonet?:)

Iannick said...

I meant the musket strap.You painted it brass I think?

Since it's a prototype, I figure you would want to know before painting hundreds of them! :)

Author said...

Ah okay! Yes, the musket strap is an light brown; white, eh? Okay, thanks for telling me:D And yes, it is MUCH better to know now!

Anonymous said...

Very nice looking! And I want your table....

Author said...

Glad everyone has enjoyed!

I actually just put a base coat on my first unit (while trying to avoid the accusatory stare of my Russian grenadiers, who have been waiting... tho I DID work on them today, cuffs and collars and belts) of Austrians, so maybe I'll have a unit of them to show in the nearer future:)