Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Table

Well, the 15mm ACW stuff has been up for a long, long time. While my finest scenery is obviously for that collection, I was beginning to tire of the little guys... or more specifically, I was beginning to get a jonsing for some 25mm Napoleonics!

So! The 15mm ACWs went into the cabinets for display, and a few 25mm Napoleonic figures began to find their way to the table!

Now, it will take a while before I have enough 25mm scenery to really make this look right. I found a few hedges I could use, and figured out how to make some decent rock walls out of cork. However, I still need a bunch more trees, and I need more buildings. More hedges are a MUST, of course, and proper fields. Damn... there is a LOT left to make... but having it all set up will be good incentive.

So, to the pictures. For now, I have not put many figures out; I want to keep this small while I figure out my scenery. For the French they have a single unit of ligne, a single unit of Guard, a stand of light infantry, an artillery piece, and the general. Obviously I have a LOT not on the table!

The Russians have even less on the table. They have one unit of infantry and a half a unit of Pavlov Grenadiers to do the heavy lifting. I also gave them a single stand of light infantry. The Russians also have a single stand of light cavalry and a single stand of
cuirassiers to help them against the French force. The Russian general is on the table as well, to act as their commander! I might take the two generals off, however, and replace them with wing commanders (on foot,) as the overall Generals being on the table seems like overkill for such a small display!

So, that is that for tonight. I'll continue working on this table for a while to come... I love having summers off!

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