Tuesday, July 1, 2008

15mm ACW - Confederate Artillery

Hello all!

First off, my deepest apologies for not keeping regular updates in the last month; I was just finishing work, and it took a LOT of time!

However, I now have two months off, so expect a return to regular updates!

I figured a good place to start would be another installment in my 15mm ACW Showcase; in this case, my Confederate artillery!

In a trick I stole from a buddy, I decided to mix up the colors of the pieces for my Southern artillery. Rather than have all black artillery pieces, as I do for my Federals, I find that the different colored pieces really help emphasize the "rag tag" look of my reb army.

I of course mixed in a few red kepis (although probably too many to be realistic for late war, but whatever, they are toy soldiers after all) to keep the artillery look. Overall I think they turned out very nice. Each piece has its own limber as well, to transport it into battle.

As with all my 15mm ACW, these fellows are from Battle Honours.

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