Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Rules set

Hello all!

Well, I am finally going back through my ACW rules set that I created last year and revising it with Napoleonics in mind. It is a VERY simple rule set, based on just a handful of dice and no record keeping, that is in a way just an excuse to move toy soldiers around. However, it also "works" pretty well! So when I finish going through it I might ask if anyone wants to give it a look and critique! Each section will have the rules in it, and then an "example" section giving examples of the rules in action.

Just because it is nice, it will also be fully illustrated. I included a photo above from the "Movement" section.

I think I'll be done in a few days, and will post here when I finish!

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Pete Jones said...

Any sign on the ACW version yet?