Friday, July 22, 2016

Some Armada action!

Hey all!

Got a good game of Armada in last night... well, good in that we had fun, but NOT good in that I got completely wiped off that table... I lost every capital ship, and my Imperial enemies lost none!  The shot below gives you a good feeling for how it went:)

Anyway, I am including some photos from the game, some random eye candy photos, just so you have something to look at!

This was the opening... I never got my MC30 into combat:(  I wasn't used to the ISD moving so quickly!

X-Wings, Y-Wings, and Han move in!

Another shot of the Rebel fighter screen...

This was the center mess... the squadrons really got stuck in EARLY.

Here we go...

IG-88 was really, really impressive this game... he killed Luke in the shot above, and Han Solo later... I couldn't dedicate capital ships to hitting him, and couldn't get enough squadrons on him to kill him:(

TIE fighters attack the Falcon and some Y-Wings.

Slave One and IG-88 prepare to blast some Rebs out of space!

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