Sunday, July 3, 2016

Built a fort for my son

Hey all!

Well, my son has REALLY gotten into Legos.  He isn't building anything yet, but he has several hundred Lego knights and the like.  

It actually all stems from a story that I tell him every night (and have for about a year).  I realized soon after I started that, not only could my generic Lego knights stand in for the random soldiers of the story, but I could order piece-by-piece from eBay to construct his main characters!  So now he can HEAR the story at night, and then play with the characters during the day!  And when major new people are introduced into the story?  He gets the Lego version that night!

He has one fortress already (my old Mighty Fortress, fixed up) but I had to make his BAD guy (Lord Tatum) a place to hang out!

Now, the castle keep itself is three layers deep.  There is a roof that lifts off.  Then, underneath it, is the top floor (complete with rug).

And under that is the bottom floor, with another rug!  The flag is mobile.

I did this all with foam core, pins, and glue.  The pin heads are covered with the bricks (which are just chopped up cereal box!)

Overall I am happy with how it turned out.  It is sturdy and looks good.


Steve J. said...

What a great idea:)

Rick said...

Brilliant idea linking the stories and the figures!