Monday, July 4, 2016

An Armada game up at Highlander Games and Comics

Hey all!

Well, a week or two ago I met up with a guy named Mike to play a game of Armada up at Highlander Games and Comics in Boonton, NJ.  I have to say, it is a great place; there is the main store, which is jammed with games, and then an entire gaming annex with one whole wall that is windows... very nice place to play!

So Mike was a "random" I got in touch with through Highlanders X-Wing/Armada group, but he ended being a perfect opponent... relaxed, funny, and an all-around good dude... hopefully will get in plenty of games in the future!

Plus he is a tourney player, so I got to learn a bit!

Now, I don't remember the exact lists... I purposefully went away from the Rhymer ball, and went with a Glad, a Victory kitted out to be a carrier, a Raider, an Imperial II, and some squadrons... I think two or three TIES, two bombers, and a Firespray.

Mike brought a pretty nutty list; two MC30s with Assault Proton Torpedoes, and then about a million Corvettes with Turbo Laser Reroutes.  Oh, and two A-Wing squadrons.  It was clearly a fast list, although a bit fragile... but when you have eight glass cannons, it ain't so bad.

I think we played the opening salvo objective, but we just played 'till everything died, rather than 6 turns, because why not?:)

Anyway, deployment at the top!

We got stuck in quick... well, most of us did, although the Vic didn't:)  My Glad spat out some punishment, but got just hammered in return.

Here we are farther along... the Corvette at the bottom was down to one hull point and had a burning engine that would blow him up if he went more than speed 1 or something... I was hoping to hunt him down with the TIE.  Honestly, I was killing what I could get my hands on, but DAMN I was slow, and a critical that took away a click of turning on my ISD didn't help matters.

My Raider was chasing this damn Vette the entire game.  I just could never give the raider first activation to finish it, because the ISD needed it to obliterate enemies each time.

Big old scrum in the middle!

Near the end... those damn Vettes with the Turbo Laser Refits were just CRUSHING my Vic I, which just couldn't get close range guns on anything... and the Vettes double evades made sure I couldn't land much damage while STILL pumping out at least two hits a turn... but often three.

In the end, maybe because Mike was taking it easy on me, I managed to blow up the last rebel ships, but good God almighty it was a mess:)

Anyway... it was a fun game, and best because it is nice to meet a possible new Armada mate!:)

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