Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My repurposed "Pirates of the Spanish Main" fleets

Hey all!

Well, I thought I'd share my repurposed "Pirates of the Spanish Main" fleets!

I made up two fleets, with bases, for a new set of rules I am cobbling together (which, so far, are working out well!)  It makes use of the Star Wars: Armada movement tool.... hence the notches in the bases.  Above is the Pirate fleet... one First Rate ship, two Third Rate ships, two Fifth Rate ships, and two Sloops.  (Note: those are designations I use in my game, not strict naval history ones!)

Here is the other fleet, the "fleet of Civilization" (i.e. Brits and Spanish.)  It has the same breakdown as the Pirate fleet.  Honestly, you wouldn't use them all in a game; you'd probably only use three or four ships or so, but it is nice to have some variety available.

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