Saturday, April 27, 2013

Your favorite wargame unit?

Hi all!

So, I was recently skimming through blogs, and looking at some of the FANTASTIC wargames units out there, and it got me thinking... of all the wargames units I can remember seeing, which is my favorite?

Tough, right?  I mean, I have a few that I adore... I mean, I love the siege guns over at Echoes of Glory...

And I adore Der Alte Fritz's artillery...

But my favorite wargames unit of all time?  I think it is Dave Taylor's Cameron Highlanders!

Just check out the rearing horse with the commander urging his men on!  Beautiful paint, beautiful scene... and, I think, my favorite wargames unit!

So, I wanted to ask; what is YOUR favorite (not your own) wargames unit?

Post them in the comments; I'll do a whole post of the favorites so we can all feast on some eye candy!:)


Ray Rousell said...

I like most units Chris paints, but for some reason this one always stands out for me!!

DeanM said...

Those are both great looking units for sure. Best, Dean


really cool the Camerons Highlanders!

Colonel O'Truth said...

I don't know about a specific unit, but my favourite army has to be the Norsemen from

Absolutely brilliant!