Sunday, April 21, 2013

A simple house rule for X-Wing

Okay... was thinking a bit about how to add a bit more strategy to movement... right now it seems like it is a "run at the enemy, pass him, K turn" rinse and repeat.

So... here is my proposal.

First, all regular fighters have four "sides"; their front fire arc (as already defined) a rear arc (the reverse of the front fire arc) and two side arcs. You'd have to maybe draw the rear arc onto the card.

Then add this rule:

If you are attacking an enemy ship in its side arc, you may reroll one attack die.

If you are attacking an enemy ship in its rear arc, you may reroll one attack die AND you may force the enemy to reroll one agility die.

I have to sit and look at the ships to figure out how you determine exactly if you are in an arc, but I think a post-to-post line should help determine which fire arc you are in.

My hope is that this might make people more interested in things like attacking from the flank and even getting behind enemies.

I am not sure if it would work with the big ships, as they are rather large and I don't have any to look at.



Tyler Provick said...

Actually, I would penalize players for attacking the sides. High-deflection shots are the hardest to make to the point where pilots will prefer to present that angle to an opponent. For example, one of the rules of dog fighting laid out by German Ace Boelke says to always turn in to your opponent so they have a high deflecting shot instead of getting on your 6.

If I were to modify the rules I'd make shots to the flank harder and leave the other ones alone.

afilter said...

Very neat idea....obviously you have not played against the Falcon already rerolls all its attack dice. :)

Anonymous said...

Considering that most of the weapons in star wars universe are some form of particle beams, or lasers and very little in the way of projectiles, and considering that the action takes place in space, the "deflection" has little, if at all meaning... But then again.

Very little if any of the space "flight" model reflect anything from this universe - in two or three dimensions, so I guess any chance is as good as any other. Of course the beam of weapons, such as lasers appear to travel significantly slower than light.. :D

Actually, would be interesting if the flight model would model actual physics in space... of course three dimensions would be too hard, in two dimensions it could be entertaining - very entertaining. Entirely new challenge to the game. :p