Saturday, April 20, 2013

My 2nd comic-style X-Wing report

Hi all!
Well, my next X-Wing battle report is done, so come give it a look!
For those interested in the numbers... Empire was Vader w/Squad Leader, a Tempest Advanced with Concussion Missiles, Night Beast, and two Black Squadron TIE fighters.

I don't remember the exact Rebel breakdown, but I think it was Luke with R2D2 and Marksmanship, Arvel, a Rookie X-Wing pilot with R5-D8, and a Gold Squadron Y-wing.

We used my home rules for asteroids; they move 1 straight each turn in a random direction.  It ended up being REALLY really cool; I've never played a wargame on a battlefield that changed!  When holes opened in the asteroid belt the fighters would dive for it... or if asteroids clumped together ships would take cover behind them.  The belt actually split over the course of the game, with a clump of three right in the middle of the action and then the rest moving off board to the side.

Anyway... on to the show!  And listen, I turned on lightbox so you can click on one photo and just cycle through each page, but it doesn't always work... so if it doesn't, just hit back and hit the photo again!:)  But if you want to see them full size to check the ships out, click on the page to see it on it's own!


Unknown said...

Great batrep!

Craig Welter said...

What a great idea for a battle report! These are really entertaining. Do you have some special program for laying out the panels and creating the word bubbles?

Ted Henkle said...

I love writing game reports comic style! Great job of integrating the movie stills. What program do you use? I use Comic Life. I look forward to more of your work.

Barks said...

Your battle reports are impressive. Most impressive.