Saturday, April 13, 2013

My next big miniatures project; Battlefield 3!

 Edit:  sorry this post isnt finished... I'll take care of that on Sunday!

Hi all!

Well... my next project is underway!

In addition to playing around with toy soldiers, I play Battlefield 3.  A LOT of Battlefield 3.  It is a FANTASTIC game... the best multiplayer game I've seen.

I usually play with two guys exclusively; a buddy named Bill (a friend of my college roommate) and a guy named Highlife, who I only know through Battlefield.  The three of us have been playing pretty much twice a week for... jeez... years, I guess:)

So... when I saw Hasslefree Miniatures "not-Battlefield" figures I figured... time to do something cool for my Battlefield Friends!

I picked up a pair of figures to represent them.  Bill plays Engineer a lot, and Highlife is a pretty capable Sniper when he wants to be, so I grabbed one of each.  Each will be painted and put into a small scene.  I decided to go with a bit from each guy's favorite map... Bill loves Seine Crossing, so I will do something from that, and Highlife is a big Metro fan, so Metro it is!

I did end up doing a location scout... Metro is pretty easy, as I know I wanted to do something down near the tracks.  Here are some photos I took of that area.

And here is a shot of what I think the whole scene will look like, roughly.  I'll do a med kit and a ammo kit too; one in each scene.  They are pretty common, so they will link the scene to the game easily.

The next scene is a bit tougher for me.  It is Seine Crossing, and ideally for Bill I'd do a machine gunner in a window, as that is his traditional role:)  But there was no appropriate figure, so he will be an engineer running around!

The thing is... with Metro you can do the subway station

And here is a shot of the in-game model for the Scout class... I might do a little greenstuff work on him, just to match it up.

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Ray Rousell said...

I've never played Battlefield, I play Call of Duty. I guess they're basically the same kinda game.