Thursday, April 18, 2013

My complete X-Wing Rebel fleet!

Hey all!

Okay, my two X-Wing fleets are complete!

I just got my last shipment of ships, and I am done... all I'll ever need!  A nice solid core of X-Wings, with two of each of the more specialized ships... I figure that, in a 100 point game, it gives a player plenty of options.  I am honestly not interested in the two bigger ships... the only thing that might ever tempt me is the X-Wing and TIE Fighter expansion for the pilots and cards, but I have a feeling I'll be able to resist, because the box I have for all of my ships won't fit them!:)

First are my three X-Wings.  As with all ships I obviously got some paint on these so they would be a bit individualistic.  The yellow looks sharp on them, I think!

I also picked up two A-Wings.  Got to see one in action last night... WOW, what a collection of green moves!  Very nimble and cool little ship, with some neat abilities.  It is rather fragile, though, especially compared to its mates... two shields and only two hull get worn out QUICK, and without a mech to repair damage or shields, they are rather vulnerable.  I did a little paint work on these guys as well, to vary them up a bit.

Finally I have two Y-Wings.  I love these ships, as far as their looks, and honestly I like them in the game too... they are just big tough SOBs.  However, their lack of firepower can be alarming.  But give them a missile or torpedo, or the Ion Turret, and they can hit hard. Keep them out of enemy lines of fire and that all-around fire arc on the Ion Turret can be key, as you never need to worry about facing the enemy.  These guys also got a bit of color, so they are a bit different from each other.

So that is my force!  I think they are a really nice mix of abilities and styles, and enough for any Rebel player to make a force from.

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Simon Q said...

Look great mate.