Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some neat 28mm Modern stuff for sale...

SOLD, sorry!

Well, I have a new project coming up, but unfortunately I had to buy extra figures in order to get ones I needed.

So... I have some extras (or will, in a few days when they arrive!)

Anyone who does moderns need some extra stuff?  I have 7 extra AK-47s that need a home... great for either a diorama, strapped onto someones back, or as battlefield debris.  I also have the civilians who are circled above... they are PERFECT for anyone doing 28mm moderns who needs some civilians.

If you want to buy them, please let me know... maybe 2 bucks a figure?  The AKs... who knows, make an offer.

Hope someone can pick them up; I don't want them wasted here on my shelf!  Shoot me an email at grenadierguardscampaigns AT yahoo DOT com!

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