Sunday, December 30, 2012

A neat "Longstreet" opportunity!

Hey all!

Okay, a really neat story... After playing a test of Sam Mustafa's upcoming ACW rule set "Longstreet" and annoying all present by taking a bunch of photos, Sam asked if I would be interested in doing some photography for the rule book (or whatever format, I am just assuming it will be a book) itself!

Obviously I said yes... I love taking photos of toy soldiers:). Anyway, that should be a lot of fun!  I do hope I don't stink at it:)

So!  Neat news! :)


Simon Q said...

Brilliant. Look forward to seeing some more of your work

Gozza said...

Great Blog,

Sam Mustafa's upcoming ACW rules are to be called Longstreet. At least that what he has posted on the "Honour" website & forum.

Author said...

*laugh* Of course it is! Brain fart; I was thinking of the old working title:) Thanks, and corrected!