Saturday, January 19, 2013

More done of the interior of "Zero Dark Thirty"

Hi all!

Well, a bit more done in some spare time this morning... above you can see the interior of the house.  There will be a piece of wood blocking off the top of the roof from view, because there will be wiring in there... it won't be RIGHT up on the front of the scene, but back a bit.  Then I'll drop the light in through the roof.  Remember... the top and sides of this whole thing will be blacked out, so you'll only look in through the ends.

Here you can see the other end.  The sides will be blacked out, as will the top.  There will also be a little "roof" on this side at the top to serve as a rigging platform for the light. The battery will fit in the dead space between the two walls.

There is only one issue I am currently stumped by... okay, see the "outside" wall of the house?  Well, it reaches up beyond the top of where the house actually ends.  So I'm a little unsure as to what to do.  I was thinking of cutting it down a bit, but that might be tough now that it is built.  As of now I am thinking of just plastering the outside to the proper height (the height of the roof on the other side) and then not plastering above it.  By painting the spot above in straight black, but then painting the plastered part with a black/dark green mix it might "fool the eye" enough to make you see wall and then, above it, dead space.  Not sure... we'll see how it goes!

Oh, and I'll post a bit when it comes to rigging the lights, too, just so people can see how that works.

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Simon Q said...

A nice start.

Echoes Of Glory said...

Why not just plaster the entire outside wall? Treat the house as if it were 2 stories.