Monday, January 21, 2013

Interior nearing completion for 25mm "Zero Dark Thirty"

Hi all!

Well, an unexpected day of babysitting isn't giving me a ton of work time, but what can you do... I at least got a little bit of the inside of the building mocked up (and finished the table, although I realize now I want to add some candles to it).  There is a bit left to do... I want to do a poster on the wall you cannot see, and I have to do blinds still on that wall over the window.  Plus, of course, gluing down the rugs, painting the figures, adding the AK-47s, and probably adding a box or two or grain sack.  Then I'll do the ceiling and ceiling light.  I'd like to add a cell phone or radio and a few other bits some people with experience recommended over at TMP, but I am not sure I can do anything that small.  Then again the laptop turned out good, so who knows?

The outside is largely done!  Here it is with only half of the figures (and not glued down either) and without the lighting.  I am not totally sold on the colors, now, of the figures... I might need to do a little more of the light green I used on the terrain to pull it all together.

And this second shot is with the LED jury rigged across the top... I took the photo in daylight so it is a bit strange looking, but in person is looks SHARP, and with all the lights out (which is what this is meant for) it will look INSANELY cool:)

Anyway... there we go!

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