Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The plan for my newest 28mm project!

Hi all!

Well, I have a new project that I am about to start!

After I did my "Death of Nelson" piece, my cousin asked (half jokingly, maybe) if I did commissions.  When I asked him what he was interested in, he mentioned he had just seen "Zero Dark Thirty" and would like something like that!  Well... why not?

So here is my plan!

It will be a small plastic box, like my 25mm Harry Potter piece, except you will look into it through the end, rather than through the side.

Now, it will actually be TWO scenes in one box.  If you look from one side, it will be a simple Afghan hovel, with a few insurgents standing around talking amongst some rubs and tables and the like, a few AKs propped up against the wall.  I will light it using a standard yellow LED; I am not sure if I will leave it open and just obscure it with a beam or something, or maybe I'll have to disguise it within a light source.  I will leave the sides unpainted (although the top will be blacked out) to allow this piece of the project to be easily lit and seen.

In the BACK of this scene, halfway down the box, will be the wall of the house; in this case, the interior wall, with a door and a curtained window.

Then you flip the box around and look in the other end, and you'll see a SEAL team preparing to enter the house through the door... this time you will see the EXTERIOR wall of the house.  This part of the scene will be DARK; I will paint everything (ground, figures, grass, wall of house, etc) in black and black diluted with green.  I will also black out the sides of the box, and may even black out elements of the end you look through, so you will be looking through more of a wide view slit.  The entire outside element will be lit with a green LED to create a false feeling of night vision.

So!  That's the newest project!  I may do double plaques for it too... something like "A Late Night Discussion" on the Taliban side and "A Late Night Mission" on the SEAL side... any suggestions for what to write are welcome.  Anyway, assuming I can pull off the night vision feel, I think this could be a very neat project:)

Anyway... any suggestions are more than welcome.  Should I light the interior of the house a few ways?  Should I put a green LED behind the window on the SEAL side so it glows, like night vision?  Any suggestions from you all are always welcome!:)


Greg Sapara said...

Wonderful idea!

Not sure if you've seen the trailer for "Zero Dark-Thirty", but the final scene - without sound - shows the seals outside the target with their red-dot sights shining through the darkness onto the building. Not sure what it would take to do that on the SEAL side of the diorama, but it would be impressive!

Best of luck with the project!

Simon Q said...

Cool like the idea of this. Perhaps the green lamp for nightvision sounds good to me.

Ubique Matt said...

Great idea, reminds my of the boxed dioramas by Shep Paine. Looking forward to seeing the results.


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Superb idea!

Mikko Asikainen said...

The red dot laser could be doable with an optic fiber..