Monday, August 27, 2012

Okay... can Napoleonic folks help out here?

Hey all!

Okay, the figures are ordered... I was hoping that folks could help out.  I know some about my Napoleonics, but I certainly don't know enough about the officers and the fancy outfit guys!:)

So... what am I looking at in these packs?

The one below... what are those different officers?  Particular regiments or ranks?  What are their responsibilities?

And what about this pack?  Who are all of these folks?  Who is that guy with the hat in his hand, and what on earth is he doing?  And most importantly; does anyone have any advice as far as uniform painting for these guys?

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help from those who know Napoleonics FAR better than I!:)  Thanks!


Der Feldmarschall said...

At the risk of being too obvious here, check out the actual product descriptions on the Perry Miniatures site. (I just did :) ) It basically tells you left to right what all these guys are and should answer most (other than uniform details) of your questions.

Hope that helps.


Author said...

I did check their site, but the uniform details are really what I need more than anything... they have one example that is painted already, although I don't know what the uniforms are... and then one pack that are unpainted... and I don't know what is what:)

Millsy said...

I'll start by saying the following is *very* general and not to be assumed worthy of button counting merit ;-)

ADCs are identified by the band on the left arm regardless of uniform. There was a default dark blue uniform coat with light blue facings which the Perry site shows. Having said that, ADCs and other hangers on frequently wore whatever uniform they liked (or their commander decreed). Often these were from their regiment of origin but with personal embellishments, extra lace and gaudy stuff. They epitomised the live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse ideal.

General officers wore a somwewhat more standardsised uniform, a dark blue coat with as much gold facings as they could get away with. Again, plenty of peacocks like Murat went overboard and designed their own outrageous outfits. The more senior the more you could make it up as you go.

There are two excellent Osprety Elite books on the subject if you're interested.

Staff are an opportunity for you to be creative. By all means look to make them recognisable but enjoy yourself and don't hold back either. Just my 2c worth...


Der Feldmarschall said...

Um.. you're welcome I guess. Again, the product descriptions say exactly what each mini is from left to right.

As the Perry French range is from mainly 1815, this is an excellent site for that campaign:

and this page deals specifically with the command/staff/officer uniforms:

Otherwise Google is always your friend. Good luck on your project!