Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Napoleon stand planned out... take a look!

Hey all!

Well, I've got the basic layout, I think, of my scene for Napoleon himself!

You can see it above... and I included close ups below!

This is a pair of generals reviewing an order of some sort, as an ADC looks at some distant soldiers and tries to ID them.

Officers write out orders, as orderlies prepare to take them.

One particularly cranky looking general is approached by an adjunct, while his hangers-on watch.

A marshal has arrived and is waiting for Napoleon.

Napoleon himself sits, checking a map, while he is brought a beverage.

There are two possible changes/additions... first, if I can find another horse that is standing still, I'll add it to the stand, maybe for an adjunct.

Second, I am not sure where to put my tray of wine and cheese!  Considering balancing it on a bench and sticking it on a stand.

So... there you go!


Brummie said...

Its all coming together really well so far.

Blancard said...

you could also add a couple of Chasseurs (Napoleon's bodyguards)?

promising piece of work, I like the planning!