Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chasseur painted and complete!

Hi all!

Well, my sculpt and painting of a guard for Napoleon is done!

Here he is above.  The figure that served as the basis is to the right.

I had to sculpt on a new leg (and remove the old) cut away the staff and adjust the arm, get rid of the epaulets, add the gun, add the lace, make the pelisse, make the colpak and associated hat bits, sculpt on a new hand, add a moustache.. well, and I guess that's it!:)

There are a few things I wish I could retouch, and I know I made a few mistakes (trousers instead of boots, maybe) but overall I am happy with this; it was a fun project, and importantly it saved me about 18 bucks!:D

Looking at the photos now, they are pretty bad.  I'll have to take new ones tomorrow:(


Brummie said...

Nicely done all that putty work has paid dividends. Really nice mini

Phil said...

Really nice...and a great blog too!

Anonymous said...

That's impressive! I truly wish I had sculpting abilities! Bravo!