Friday, August 24, 2012

Can I get everyones input on some miniatures?

Hi all!

Okay; I am starting in on a new 28mm Napoleonics project, and I was hoping for some input!

I have this figure sitting around from my last subscription to Wargames Illustrated:

I've had it sitting for a while, and last night I decided that I'd finally get to painting it!

So, what I am going to do is the traditional big scene of Napoleon and his generals/officers.  He is going to be sitting at the front, alone, as seen above.  A number of officers will be sitting behind him, with several waiting respectfully a little ways back, as if they don't want to disturb him.

I am going to use a few packs.  The first I am using is this one from the Perry Twins:

I love this set, particularly because of the table and the officers writing orders at it.

However, I am torn about which set to use along with this.  There are two I am looking at.

The first is this one, of French generals.

The second is this one, of "random" French officers.

I only want to use one of these two, as the costs for using all three are just a bit much for me (unless someone out there wants to split those costs and the figures!)

I like the set of generals because it is appropriate; those are the guys who would be around Napoleon.

However, I like the LOOK of the second set far more; very colorful, and I love that there are representatives of so many different cool units of the French Napoleonic army.  But no generals?  Is that possible?

So; what does everyone think?  Which should I use?  Just as an FYI, this is purely for display; it is not for actual gaming.

Thanks in advance for the input!


TamsinP said...

I'd say it would depend whether you intend the scene to be pre-battle or while the battle is going on.
For pre-battle, go with the generals. For during the battle I'd go with the officers - the generals should be with their commands or have a bl***y good reason not to be! the officers would then represent various aides de camp, couriers etc

Big Jim said...

I think the officers pack has plenty of character as well, so I would go with that one. They are the appropriate choice as you already pointed out.

muzik212 said...

Id go with the general staff types around the table!

Ray Rousell said...

I'd go with the Generals pack, because that's who'd really be there. But the Officer set is really nice. So I'd buy both and use half each, sorry does solve your problem!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I reckon TamsinP has it right - go with the officers.... unless it was a pre-battle meeting the generals wouldn't have been there...

Millsy said...

I'd go with the generals. You have a pile of ADCs in the first set who look similar to the officers anyway. Officers who are not ADCs are unlikely to be hanging about in groups so close to the emperor. And, as you intend to put the others in the background you can portray that kind of uncomfortable scene where SOMEONE has to deliver bad news but nobody wants to volunteer... ;-)

John de Terre Neuve said...

I have painted the hangers on pack and it is very nice, I would go with that.


Kris Marquardt said...

Apparently I'm going to be in the minority with this opinion. I think you should with the officers pack. Whether they would be there or not is almost irrelevant its all about how you want to set the scene and the officers are going to be less intrusive and keep the focus on Napoleon. And based on how Napoleon is posed in this vignette you are definitely not in a pre-battle meeting its going to be during or post and the officers are probably more appropriate for that.

Mikko Asikainen said...

If you look at the painting which inspired this figure, Napoleon at Borodino Heights [url][/url], there's an unwavering wall of generals separating the Emperor and any lower rank riff-raff.