Saturday, September 17, 2011 is f'ing worthless

Well, I think I have to move my blog.  After all this damn time I've put in, and after how well established the domain name is, these morons have completely fucked up my account.

First, everything is going through Picassa and apparently I am out of space, so everything is getting resized to 800x800.

And now my old photos won't even load when you click on them.  Here, check it out yourself...

Click on this link

When I click on the photos there, I get nothing.

I hate Blogger so, so, so, so much.  HATE.  Why the hell do companies create good products and then devote themselves to making them suck?


ADB said...

Strange I see them fine and one selected at random shows its size as 1,600px × 1,071px - as it goes off my screen I would agree with the size.

I do agree though - blogger is beginning to drive me nuts so I'm costing up Wordpress hosting.

muzik212 said...

I am able to see full size photos still as well.

Subedai said...

I can see them in glorious technicolour. Nice looking layout and figures by the way.

Author said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming by. Yeah, I hosted some of them at imageshack, so they are large... I just bought some more space for the blog (dammit, hate that the blog is now COSTING me money) and the pictures are turning up proper size... unfortunately, my SINGLE post about the battle used 5% of my space:( I'll have to buy more, I guess:(