Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More 10mm Nappy shots... here comes the cavalry!

Here are some more shots from the "nice camera" photo shoot this weekend!

This time it is of the end of the British line, where waves of French cavalry are charging home... the French are attempting to cross the small stream and sweep down the British lines, but the British have formed square, using the chateau to protect their flank. Will the redcoats hold off the French cuirassiers, dragoons, hussars, and the rest? Or will the cavalry break a square and slaughter their way down the line?! Who knows!

What is almost the most ridiculous about this is I have maybe twice as much French cavalry as shown, but I ran out of reasonable table space:)


Gunfreak said...

Love massed cav charges.
Your terrain and figs are as allways state of the art.

Benjamin of Wight said...

Your sand table is an absolute inspiration, I think you may have taken the mantle of Peter Gilder himself...

Scott MacPhee said...

Hey Author, can you shoot me an email?

Scott MacPhee

FallenStar said...

I keep meaning to ask: do you know who manufactured your 10mm Naps?

Author said...

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for the kind comments... I think it is nice to FINALLY have some nice hi res shots, right? It just allows you to see so much more of the detail, which is such fun for big toy soldier shots:) There are one or two Napoleonic AARs on Lonely Gamers where I just would KILL to get giant blow-up shots of the figures, they are so pretty:)

I believe the vast majority of the figures are minifig?

Scott, I sent you an email!

Thanks again for coming by guys, reading comments always makes my day (as long as they don't point out too many of my many mistakes:) )

Victor said...

Some amazing photos and I love your table layout. Quick question though while all of the terrain is gorgeous doesn't it get in the way of the game?
The guys in my group are constantly knocking things over etc...

Author said...

Hey Vic!

No real problem with knocking over the scenery... the trees are all pinned into the foam under the felt, and everything else (fields, buildings, hedges) are pretty low and tough to "knock over." Honestly I've played a bunch of games over this table and it is 100 percent game friendly:) That is one thing I take very serious... every single piece of scenery must be game friendly.

Thanks for coming by and saying hi!:)

Victor said...

Sorry if this sounds stupid but what did you use to pin the trees to the fabric? Did you drive a straight pin into the trunk or something like that?

Author said...

Hey man!

Yep; I drilled out a narrow hole in the trunk of each tree and just put a pin in it... then some crazy glue, overnight to dry, and voila! They just push right through the fabric and the pink insulation foam below:) Here is a post where you can see a photo... it not only keeps the trees in place, but it helps to keep the fabric down tight as well.


Victor said...

Thanks for the info. Did you do anything special for the hedges?

So are the hills you made permanent once you laid the fabric over them?

Author said...


The hedges are just torn pieces of Woodland Scenics flock... the stuff that comes in big blocks. They just sit nicely on the table. I tear smaller ones for the 10/15mms, and bigger ones for the 25s.

As for the land, I take the felt off and move the pink foam hills around underneath. Then I drape the felt back on, tuck it into the frame, slide the inner frame back in to hold it down, and use the pin trees to keep it down in certain areas. It works very nicely!

Mr Burnstone said...

Beautiful table, really very inspiring and it looks like you have some great fun gaming going on as well - every wargamer's dream!

May I ask what material you used to create those great looking fields? Both the ploughed earth ones and the mature golden (wheat?)crop filled ones? I am really interested in finding materials for crops that work with smaller figures as most of the teddy bear fur stuff - which seems the craze at the moment! - is far too long for 10 or 15mm figs.


Mr Burnstone said...

Oh - and sorry to double post - but who manufactures those nice trees?

Many thanks,

Rafael Pardo said...

Congratulation for this beautiful blog and figures. I found you through Sam Mustafa's Honour new site
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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