Saturday, July 25, 2009

An amazing wargames room...

Over at Echoes of Glory there is a wargames room unlike any other being put together... the proprietor not only has some insane toy soldier collections, but has so many original weapons, uniforms, and accoutrements that it is truly a sight to behold... if you do not go RIGHT over there and give it a look, you will regret it... the wargames table is not yet in, so it is a perfect time to really get a look at all the amazing antiques!

So get over there and give it a look... and don't forget to scroll to a few of the more recent posts to see some insanely huge and beautiful 25mm ACW figures.

And check back in a few days and he'll even have the first shots of his table up... some amazing pieces of terrain that have been tucked away in closets for half a dozen years, all about to finally come out of hiding!


James said...

Nice room and a great tune with the video.


mad padre said...

That is very nice, though I'm baffled by why he said his table looked SICK. I thought it looked awesome.

Author said...


I am fairly sure he means sick in the best possible way:) Thanks for taking a look!

Anonymous said...

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