Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful 10mm Napoleonic photos

Howdy all!

Whelp, I had an eight hour photo shoot this weekend of my toy soldiers, the majority of which was devoted to the 10mm Napoleonics. So, without further ado, a few shots from "The Shoot!" I'll put up more as time goes on over the next few weeks, so please do check back!

First up... some photos of French columns attacking a defending British line! There is a small stream to cross, but once they are across, look out!

And again, if you click on the photos and for some reason cannot make them fit the screen, try right-clicking and then "View image" Works for me!


BigLee said...

Truely spectacular! Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing these.

Gunfreak said...

Holy crap, for about 1/20 of a second I got religion,
Luckely it pased.

FANTASTIC pictures, the colors are so vibernt and strong.

Craig Welter said...

Those are great pictures. Very inspirational.