Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some 10mm Napoleonic houses

Well, I put some paint on the buildings, and I think turned out just fine!

First, I touched up the chateau. I added a pig pen against an inside wall (cannot be seen in the photos,) touched up the roof and doors, redid the chimney, added some ivy, added some flowering bushes at the front gate, and a few more bits.

Then, I made one large grey stone house, one smaller stone house, two white washed farmhouses, and a large whitewashed barn. There are all sorts of sheds and bushes and trees and such off of the sides of the various buildings, and I put on a few windows and doors just to give a sense of scale... I find that, although they are technically a bit small, the small scale simply looks nicer on the table!

I took one last shot with the flash; it gives a better idea of what they came out looking like... the non-flash pictures really don't do the buildings justice!

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Gunfreak said...

How big is each figure base?