Sunday, September 25, 2011

Renovating an old Napoleonic project!

Hey all!

Okay... I was looking over my stuff, trying to get my sell-off organized (I am plotting getting rid of some old, random figures and things that someone might want) and looking at the main piece... namely, a 25mm chateau that I built some time ago.

So... I was looking at it... it is sort of a cool model, to be honest, that I never reeeeaalllly put the finishing touches on.  I included some shots of the WIP stages as well:)

Well, I was looking at it sitting there, sort of finished but not as awesome as it should be, and it occurred to me that I should finish it up:)

So that's what I started tonight!  I am going to putty the entire outside to represent the whitewash and stuff.  I am then going to repaint all the doors and the bricks and maybe the windows, so they look better.  I think I'll then give the roof another highlight (and maybe one or two other touches) and then secure the entire thing onto a base!  Do the inside nicely, a little garden maybe and the like... And who knows... all the roofs come off, maybe I can timber the floors...:)

Then, once it is all finished, maybe I'll sell it?  Would be a perfect centerpiece for a big game... it is a bit too big for my table, to be honest.

Anyway... any thoughts?  Anyone have any advice what material I should secure the whole thing on?  It is a big, big piece...

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