Sunday, September 4, 2011

Okay, why does Blogger suck for bigger pictures all of a sudden?

Anyone else notice this?  Why, when I upload large, hi-res photos, does this crap site make them smaller, even when you click on them to enlarge them?

Okay, if I cannot figure this out I am SO getting rid of Blogger... I'll move to six side or whatever that is.


MadDrMark said...

The photos on your most recent Napoleonics post worked for me. Maybe it's a browser issue?

Colonel Shofer said...

No prbs here friend, although I wish we could set the size, sometimes.


Author said...

I managed to get a few in the old, larger format.. The top one, the cav one, the winners shot... I had to host them on imageshack... It seems like blogger has a max size after you click on the photos... *sigh*