Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three islands done, three to go

Hey all!

Okay, I think I've finished up three islands... I did some drybrushing with browns, and then worked up to whites and yellows, although I am not sure if maybe I went a little too light on the whites...

I am still considering mounting all of these on some cut card... and then making a little sandy beach around them and painting on some waves crashing... we'll see.

Anyway... three more to go.  If anyone has any suggestions at ALL I am happy to hear them... I think these three work, but I think there are things I am missing.

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Dan said...

Those look great!!! I like the idea of adding the beaches and waves around them it might help them flow with the table more.

My only suggestion would be for the island with the houses is to add some sort of dock or beach so they have a way to get on the island.