Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making some islands for Pirates of the Spanish Main

Howdy all!

Just back from a week in Seattle and a week in Los Angeles... and now that the nursery is painted I am getting back to other projects.

So... first up is a half dozen islands for the Pirates of the Spanish Main game.

Now, the islands aren't totally to scale, but I find that rarely matters as much as looking good.  Clockwise from the top right there is one island with a fort, one with a dramatic cliff, one with a larger town (with a dock and church) a small one with a few fishing huts, a little sand-bar-looking one, and a large one with two hills. 

Now that they are undercoated I am going to do the drybrushing of the browns and beiges (should I do the cliff in that color palate too I assume?) and then I'll flock.  Then, for forests, I'll use glued down clumps of flock... at this scale I am not going to bother with trunks or anything, I don't think they are needed.  Still not sure what colors to do the buildings... I am probably going to do them a white, sort of like whitewashing... I think I need to do a little looking at some reference photos before I go too far.

Anyway... so that is that!  Sorry for the long absence... I am sure that when the baby comes I'll post far more often... :)


ADB said...

Good luck with the baby ours have given us over 21 years of joy so far :-)

I did a few islands a while back feel free to take any ideas from them you want...


Author said...

Ah, very nice! Yeah, the islands are harder to do than I expected... I figure they'll get better as I go, and even if they aren't AMAZING they will get the job done.

I am thinking that I might mount them all on card for shallows, beach, and the like... we'll see.

Thanks for the congrats and for coming by and talking toy soldiers!:D