Monday, August 15, 2011

Islands are done!

Howdy all!

Okay, looks like the islands are done!  I have six total, two of which are quite small, four of which are larger.  I don't really have any sandy beaches, although I was hoping the entire shoreline would look sandy, but it doesn't really... I may have to more heavily paint some parts, I guess?  I messed that up a bit.

Also the church needs work, as the roof is messed up, but for now I am leaving it.

Overall I think they turned out okay, although not amazing.  A hot knife would have really helped, I think, so I could add more cliffs, as they look sharp.  Still, they'll do for now!


Dan said...

Looks really good, hope you post some pictures when you get them in some action.

Giles said...

Well I thnk they look terrific!

Best wishes