Thursday, August 18, 2011

First game of Pirates of the Spanish Main

Hey all!

Got a game of Pirates of the Spanish Main in, so thought I'd share a few photos.  I made one or two changes (didn't use crew for this game, and I also made a range ruler that increased the ranges by a bit... felt that the old white/red card sides were a little too short... but I kept the same ratio between them) but otherwise we used the regular rules.

I finished the islands just recently, and after placing them I do think they turned out basically fine... not great, but fine.  In the first photo above you can see one of my pirate ships looming up on a docked enemy... I got close enough that my ship took fire, but in a horrific display of poor rolling the enemy didn't so much as put a hole in my hull.

I, in return, sheered the masts off in one massive volley, and in the next turn I simply sank the derelict ship with another broadside.

After some pretty spectacular fire my opponent and I pass each other in the ocean, each towing an enemy derelict!

My enemy proceeded to repair my own ship fully and sail it against me!

Here is one of my ships, collecting gold from an island guarded by a fort... this full shipment of gold won the game for me when I returned to my home island!

So... that's that!  It was a fun little game.  There are changes I'd make to the game to make it last a bit longer (for example, the cannon hit a little too easily...) but overall it is a fun game.  Wish I could play it more often!

And in that spirit... well... nevermind, I'll save it for my next post;)  Stick around!

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The Lord of Excess said...

Nice post and good looking setup for the game. I did PoTSM back in the day and still have loads of the stuff sitting around. I'm saving it in anticipation of it being a good game to play with the kids eventually (my kids are 7,5,4,3,8 months so its still a few years out yet). However I'm just taking the plunge into Dystopian Wars so I'm working on a naval board with some islands, etc. Anyway good post and nice to see a naval setup being put to some use. Great blog keep it up!