Friday, August 19, 2011

An iPad version of Pirates of the Spanish Main

Howdy all!

Well, a few months ago I got an iPad2 as a birthday gift (a rather generous one at that)!

I've been playing with it a bit, looking for great games as well as looking for anything related to wargaming.  I have actually found some great games, and thought I would share a few (as well as take some suggestions!)

The first fun one is called "Age of Wind," and it is basically like a PC version of Pirates of the Spanish Main crossed with a roleplaying game.

You start with a small pirate ship in the Caribbean.  You can sail between islands, either trading a small number of goods or attacking ship convoys.  There is a basic story that is very cheesy (and clearly written by a non-native English speaker) but really it is just fun to sail around having battles.  The controls are simple, and the game is simple, but it is definitely worth the 99 cents it costs.

The fact that the game opens with the classical piece from "Master and Commander" and has a wonderful version of the Pirates of the Carib. movie theme, doesn't hurt the atmosphere!

I wish I could get a hold of this game and modify it, but I have no one with any iPad programming skills:)

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