Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A neat present for the wife

Howdy all!

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago a neat Christmas present coming up... well, thought I would share.

So, my wife... she is beautiful, smart, hard-working, loving, warm, sexy... all the things a perfect wife is (except she cannot cook.)  Despite being a full-fledged grown-up with a job, she STILL has this strange failing for Harry Potter.  Don't ask me why; she adores it.

Now, I was thinking about a Christmas gift for her.  Last year I did the Soldier Bears for her.  What could I do this year?

Well, I thought maybe she would like some painted Harry Potter miniatures!

So, I looked, and looked, and looked... and holy cow, NO ONE does them.  In fact, I couldn't even find any decent PROXY figures.  Stupid expensive licenses!

After I put out a call to see if anyone could recommend any sculptors who might be interested in taking a commission for three Potter figures (Harry and his two best friends) none other than Soapy said that he would actually be interested in taking the commission!

Now, it isn't the cheapest present in the world (already told her she is only getting one gift and NOT to buy anything for me, and I am trying to sell some of my own miniatures now) but man, I can't wait.

The plan (illustrated by my TERRIBLE picture at the top) is for three figures... Harry, wand out, in an "action-y" pose, robes open to expose the jeans and shirt underneath a bit.  Hermoine would be standing in a more "reserved" pose, wand aiming up and elbow bent, with a thick textbook in her other army.  Ron would also have his wand aiming and out, and be holding a broom in his other hand, behind his body.  I think Ron also will have a scarf, so I can do the yellow-and-red colors of their house, although I wonder if maybe Hermoine should instead, since Ron already has the red hair... heck, maybe Harry should have the scarf, so I can do red on Harry with the scarf, on Ron with his hair, and maybe on the cover of the book for Hermoine?  Ohhh decisions decisions decisions!

Anyway... I plan to make a "movement tray" for the three (although it will be more of a DISPLAY tray than anything else) and then paint them up as a great Christmas gift!

Soooo.... looking forward to it!


WarRaptor said...

Very cool idea!

Your wife doesnt look at your blog does she????

Author said...


It WAS her homepage. However, I changed it and warned her NOT to look at my blog because there was Christmas gift info on it. She is not the peeking type, thankfully:)

Josiah Martin said...

Very cool gift. I would try to get my wife something involving miniatures but she would see right through my plot and realize the gift was really for me! (I do the same thing with movies- "but baby, you LOVED saving private ryan in the theater..")

The Angry Lurker said...

Very nice and thoughtful Sir.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Excellent - glad that recommendation of mine was worthwhile - had no idea you were after Harry Potter when I did; talk about handy after he'd just done those broom riders!!

Author said...

Josiah; Hah! Yeah, I've tried the old get-the-wife-to-agree routine but it doesn't seem to work:) Wives seem awful strong-headed.

Steve- a perfect recommendation! I had actually looked at his broom riders before, so it was very fortunate! Soapy does VERY nice work, and I am super excited to see what he does. If he gets me WIP photos I'll be sure to post them.