Friday, October 22, 2010

25mm Napoleonic British Command

Hey all!

Well, good news and bad!

Good news; I am finally updating this thing!

Bad news; I am home sick from work with a monster cold:(  Sore throat for days, totally exhausted... I hope some rest will fight this thing off.

But in the meantime... Perry British!:D

First up, the commander.  I like this figure quite a bit; he clearly isn't very flustered... a tough man to shake.  I think that his sideburns actually came out really good.  I hope that his plume (I think it is supposed to be all white?) and uniform are the right colors... it seems so tough to find the right information for each bit and piece.

The other two figures were definitely trickier... the first guy is a standard bearer, carrying the regimental colors.  Again, I hope I got it all right, including the headgear... it just seems to be very tough to figure out who is supposed to be wearing what.  The biggest issue with this figure, however, is that he is MASSIVELY overbalanced.  The flag is just at an angle that makes the guy flop right over.  I filled the base with stuff and then put a rock on it, and for now it is a delicate balance... hopefully he won't go over.

The other guy was a problem... I had used the body intended to be a flag bearer for a sergeant!  I didn't have a proper body, so I improvised.  I decided my second guy would be a regular infantryman, who picked up the colors when the original bearer went down.  This guy just would not allow the colors to fall!  I put a discarded musket on his base, to represent the weapon he dropped in order to pick up the flag.

Overall I am pretty happy with how these three turned out... I'll get a shot of them with the rest of the crew sometime soon... but for now, I'm back to bed:(

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the standards, clean crisp colours and lots of movement in the miniature. Are they moulded flags or have you sculpted them.

P.S. I recommend ginger tea for the cold.