Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall In 2010: The Vendors

Hey all!

Well, it is that time... time for the annual Photo Rundown of Fall In!

So, first up, I thought I would start with shots from the Dealers Hall.  There was a TON of beautiful stuff that anyone with a pulse would want to buy... I snapped shots of some of the most interesting.

Captions under each picture!

First up, a shot of the dealer hall!  I have to say, I enjoyed entering on the top floor and being able to look down on all the toy soldier goodness!

Architects of War... some VERY nice stuff, including some neat ACW looters (not pictured.)  Very nice stuff, with more coming.

The folks at Gale Force 9...  this table included some of the very nice buildings that you may have seen in Wargames Illustrated... all the buildings come apart, and the church in particular could be opened up in a nice way for troops to get inside.

Some very pretty little fields, woods, buildings, and grape vines from the fellows at Battlefield Terrain Concepts.

A very cool centerpiece from the guys at BTC.  However, the asking price (over 600 bucks) was a bit much I thought for what is ultimately flock, foam, and a few buildings.  However, still a very cool piece.

Scott Washburn's Paper Terrain ALWAYS looks great... there is a Mediterranean village he put together I want to straight up buy off him.  However, I thought the Middle Eastern buildings were also very cool.

The folks at Wargames Factory were, of course, there.  Despite owning no futuristic figures, I love those Shock Troops.

Some more of the HUGE number of sprues.  They did say they plan to start selling individual sprues soon.  In the front notice the Malburians.

Some more Middle Eastern buildings, this time made by the guys from Miniature Building Authority out of resin, instead of Scott Washburn and out of paper!:)

Ahhh... don't even like the era, but I'll take me some beautiful 40mm figures from Sash and Saber!

Not only do I love their minis, but Chris is also a fellow Duke grad, so getting to buy toy soldiers AFTER talking about how Kyrie is going to DOMINATE Larry Drew and Dex Strickland and Kendall Marshall is pretty much the best thing EVER.

A new 15mm fortress from the Old Glory/Blue Moon folks... my buddy actually bought the whole set to go with his upcoming 15mm Cowboy setup.

The Age of Glory guys, who are always good for some beautiful Perry figures... check out the neat little diorama in the front.

Didn't catch the name... but that is a lot of toy soldiers!

Even MORE toy soldiers... yes please!

Ahh, one of my old favorites; Rick O'Brien, the Flag Dude!  As always it was a great pleasure to see Rick, who is about as genuinely nice a guy as you could ask for... and for a new dad, he looked particularly rested.  

I always love Rick's flags, which I find to be the best to put on my miniatures.  I SHOULD have snapped some shots of his Big Battalion miniatures, which he sells as boxed sets... the are BEAUTIFUL.  I cannot say that strongly enough; they are among the most beautifully painted toy soldiers I have EVER seen... I wish I had gotten a few photos of them.  I do hope some of you folks out there who can afford to invest in truly beautiful miniatures can pick some up; while they are not as cheap as some of the cheaper Asian painting services, they absolutely BLOW them away in terms of sheer artistry.

A few shots from the Flea Market, which I really enjoyed.  Annoyed that I didn't find that 6mm ACW army that was being discussed on TMP, but I DID find this fellow.  While his minis were out of my range (and unneeded, to be honest) I loved how he based the ENTIRE unit on one stand.

Another shot of the same fellows stuff; I hope he sold them!

The theme this year was the Marine Corps, and they had a few great old Marine uniforms there.  Wonderful pieces, too... looked handstitched and to be in fantastic condition.

The ACW era Marine...

... and some later ones, including what appears to be a Rough Rider and a Doughboy.

Overall, the Dealer Hall was a great amount of fun.  I didn't blow as much money as usual (and my buddy positively SLACKED... I am not even sure he got through the 500 bucks he brought along, which is HIGHLY unusual...)

Next entry:  the games!


Beccas said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I am very interested in seeing the vendors set up at these events.

Vinnie said...

I would be there too but had to work instead....damn it

BigLee said...

My wallet is getting all jittery just looking at all those trade stands. Great pictures.

The Angry Lurker said...

Very,very nice pictures, good post.

Gunfreak said...

Damn, here I was having a hard enough time not buying anymore figures and here you go and tempt me, not even jesus would be able to resist that temptation.

Scott MacPhee said...

I think I need to save up a few thousand dollars and take a trip to the convention. Nice report!