Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cowboys all finished up!

Hey all!

Well, the cowboys are all done!  Generally I went for a mix of earth tones with them, with a little color in the vests and bandanas.  Once again, despite a three day wait for the dip to dry, I got just a little weird result from the varnish, but only on the black colors... I am beginning to wonder if the problem really is a dip/varnish related one, or maybe the problem is the varnish?  I emailed the guys at Army Painter about this; I hope they get back to me soon with some guidance!

And kudos to my buddy who matched up foot figures with mounted figures; they do NOT come together and they are not meant to go together, but man, they certainly do seem that way!

Bear in mind, they are not based; my friend is doing that so they all match his collection.

Anyway... on to the minis!

First up... this fellow in a brown duster.  I gave him blond hair and a bluish-grey vest to make him stand out a bit.

Next up is this dark, intimidating fellow. His black coat and hat match his black horse.  I kept him fairly dark, wanting him to look a little mean.

Next we've got this guy with the grey hat.  I painted him in slightly lighter colors than the other chaps.  He is, of course, more noticeable because of his shotgun and his green neckerchef.

This chap is the only guy not wearing a coat of some kind... maybe he thinks his vest is more fashionable?  I also gave him red hair and sideburns... I am pretty sure his nickname is "The Scotsman."

Finally we have this guy.  I think his mother was actually a Mexican.  I also went for lighter colors with him, and his sky-blue bandana certainly marks him as a man of some fashion taste!

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Gunfreak said...

Yes, perfect match, and great painting.