Friday, October 1, 2010

Anyone out there want to sculpt three figures for me?

Hey all!

Not sure if there is anyone out there who would be interested... but I think I would like to commission three 25mm figures being sculpted.  I am not sure if anyone out there would want to do it, or how much it would cost, but is there anyone out there who is interesting?  It would be a fairly simple sculpt; no cross belts or anything!

Anyway, if anyone out there is interested, drop me a line!


Atom Kid said...

What did you want sculpted? I'm still working on my skills, I'm not all that great at the moment. But I've done a couple of alterations to already existing figures that I was pretty proud of.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Alternatively - try Simon Parkfield of Parkfield Miniatures - his is a fairly small operation and he might be able to help you out??

Dan said...

I don't have the skills for sculpting, but I'd love to know what you were wanting.

Author said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for the recommendation, Steve... Soapy would be PERFECT; I just have to figure out how to email him now:)

And don't laugh, but I am looking for three young wizards... two boys and a girl, one boy with moppish hair and glasses...

It is for a christmas gift for someone rather important:)

ADB said...

Two things:

1) Have a look at for a list of people.

2) Have a look at for a good list of figures

Good luck and hope you get it sorted for C-Day.