Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Vikings are done!

Hey all!

Whelp, the Vikings are done! I am glad to have these guys done... I really enjoyed working on them! The last piece, which was doing the shields, probably took the longest... however, in the end, they were fairly simple. I did do one guy with a stylized dragon icon on his shield, but I am not sure if it turned out great... still, it is fine. I also couldn't find any good references on tattoos or warpaint for the bezerkers, so they ended up without. The dip came out a bit thick in one or two spots (on a leg, on a piece of a shirt) but overall I think they look good. Maybe not A+ amazing, but good.

The movement tray worked out perfect; it is a War of the Rings tray I got, in a pack of 3, when my local hobby shop closed down for about 3 bucks. It was a tight fit at first when I had sanded the base, but that worked itself out.

I still have more of these guys to do... another two bezerkers (and a tray for them) and then another 16 warriors. Among those I'll do probably three horn/banner guys as well, and a captain of some sort or two, with bare heads to set them apart and more ornate bases. I also need to do just a touch of tidying up of the bases, and eyes for the one bezerker... I totally forgot that!:) Then it is just the big guy himself who needs finishing... once he finally gets here!


Dan said...

Very well done. I recently got a box of plastic 1/72 vikings and I'll be using your pictures as a reference. Are you going to be gaming with these?

Author said...


Thanks for the compliments! I think they turned out nice looking... it was fun to paint chainmail instead of leathers, you know?:)

Unfortunately I won't be gaming with them... I don't know many gamers, so if I do, it will probably be solo.

Thanks for coming by!

DeanM said...

They came out very nice; I like the guy with two axes and his buddy in the crouch. Dean

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Nice paintjob. Remind me Mount & Blade viodegame.

And what about squad crawler modern era, no news for ages... :(