Sunday, June 27, 2010

A figure painting 10 years in the making...


Well, I had wanted to paint this figure FOREVER. From Foundry, this fellow had always been one I had been interested in painting. For some reason he had always held my interest... maybe it was a lifelong enjoyment of the Norse myths, the tales of Loki and Thor that I feel have such a meaty love of life and humor. This guy is a clear homage to Odin, what with a raven on his shoulder, and even has an upside-down mjolnir on his belt buckle.

Now, he is a bit too big, probably to go with the rest of my vikings. I did complete working on them, and even did a movement tray for the bezerkers. It has a dead horse on it, the idea of which I like... but I am not sure the execution will be up to par. It will take a few bushes scattered among the bases and trays, I think, to really get them looking right. In fact, I will likely put one on the base of the big boss here!

Anyway... hope everyone enjoys! I'll be getting paint on the eight vikings and the two captains next!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I've always loved that guy and need to add him to my Vikings.Very well done btw.


Author said...

Glad you liked him! I do love that figure, and am going to work him into my collection... too cool NOT to, you know?:)

Tony said...

I also enjoyed seeing what you did with this figure. Well done.