Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finished up making the next group of Vikings...

Okay, let me apologize; a NO PHOTO POST!! Argh!

But fear not, photos are coming; the camera battery is just dead:)

I finished constructing and undercoating my second unit of Vikings. I also did my two last bezerkers, my two scouts, and my two captains. These guys are undercoated and ready to go, and I think they will all look great!

I ALSO finished up the Foundry guy who will be the sort-of-figurehead, sort-of-leader for the group... and by finished up I mean painted too:) I dipped him and he is drying... then a touch more paint, some flock, and some varnish, and viola, done! I am going to make his movement tray with the captains, and give the berzerkers a 4 man tray of their own, maybe with a dead horse on it:)

Pictures later this evening!

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